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Frequently Asked Questions About Holding A Funeral Service In Singapore

A death under any circumstance is always met with a wave of emotions. And in the wake of it, the subsequent steps to take can be bewildering to navigate, especially if it’s the first time one has to manage a funeral.

It can be challenging because there is a mix of legal, logistical and social matters to arrange and resolve, and when it involves a larger family or group, the many opinions may make it even more confusing.

As experienced professionals, Memorial Funeral Specialist (MFS) have spoken to many clients and attended to their needs. Here are some of the most common questions we encounter, so as to possibly help answer some of your own and guide you in your arrangements.


1. What is the first thing someone must do upon the passing of a person?

This would be to have a doctor to certify the death within 24 hours of discovery. If the deceased is in the hospital, the doctor will issue the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) if the death was of natural causes. If not, the body will be sent to the Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore General Hospital Block 9 for Coroner inquiry.

The same will apply if the death occurred elsewhere (such as the home, hospice, nursing home, old folks home, etc), except that a doctor has to be called in to issue the CCOD.

After obtaining the CCOD, one will have to register the death – which has to be done online at My Legacy portal https://mylegacy.life.gov.sg/find-a-service/download-death-or-stillbirth-certificate/ . One can then use the official Death Certificate to begin proceedings for the funeral.


2. How should I plan the funeral? What are some of the essential processes?

The funeral is subject to many factors, such as the background, cultural and religious beliefs, and budget of the deceased and those arranging for the event. Some choose to have wakes while others go straight for cremation and burial, and these can vary from individual to individual.


3. How long should the funeral last?

Again, this varies from person to person, and can be anything from a day to over a week. If so, written permission is needed from the National Environment Agency (NEA) – who also governs most aspects of funerals in general.

But the average duration is between 3 to 5 days for most instances.


4. Should I hire funeral homes, directors or specialists to help?

Most people do engage the services of funeral service providers such as us Memorial Funeral Specialist to ensure that the arrangements are handled smoothly and all the necessary details are taken care of, instead of having to handle multiple vendors and agencies by themselves. The specialists will also be more aware of the emotional needs of their clients during this period, and be able to arrange for specific requests if necessary.

However, in cases where there’s no budget and the deceased is choosing a direct cremation or burial, some may choose to make arrangements on their own.


5. What kind of support and assistance can I expect from the funeral service provider?

Services from funeral service providers typically include transport arrangements, communication between agencies and contractors, reservation of venue and disposition slots, engaging embalming and casket services, logistics when setting up at wake venues and even grief support.


6. What are the options available for final disposition in Singapore?

Burial and cremation are the two main options for the disposal of remains, with over 80% choosing to do so via cremation.

Burial can only happen at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex, while cremations can happen at any of the other crematorium or columbariums. Ashes can thereafter be stored at a columbarium, religious site, or be scattered in designated grounds or the sea with prior permission from NEA.


7. Is an obituary necessary?

No, an obituary is optional. If required, one may choose from any of the local papers (such as The Straits Times, Today, Lianhe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily News, Berita Harian, and Tamil Murasu) to publish the obituary


8. How much does a funeral service typically cost in Singapore?

The most direct services start from a few hundred dollars, but extended funeral proceedings can go up to the tens of thousands, especially when premium options (e.g. the casket, venue, flowers) are chosen. However, most average between 4 to ten thousand.


9. How do I know what are the appropriate religious steps if the deceased was Buddhist, Christian, Muslim etc?

Your funeral service provider will be familiar with what is necessary for a typical Buddhist, Christian funeral etc. However, the best way to ascertain this would be to speak with the religious leader of the deceased. Practices can vary between different denominations, traditions and even venues, so it’s safest to have their advice.


10. What are some of the venues where I can organise a wake?

In Singapore, you can organise a wake at your home, a communal space near the residence (such as a void deck), a funeral parlour or a religious site (like a church). With the exception of the home, other agencies will need to be informed for certain arrangements. For example, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will need to be informed in the instance of a landed property requiring space that extends beyond the home, or permission from the Town Council must be granted for communal spaces.


11. What documents are required for a funeral service in Singapore?

The most common documents you’ll need are the death certificate, as well as identification documents of the deceased, their family members, and the person handling the arrangements. Other items often needed include a set of clothes for the deceased and their photo.


12. How long is the typical mourning period in Singapore

The typical mourning period will vary with the beliefs and traditions of the deceased and their family. Some families observe mourning periods of up to 100 days, while others may observe shorter periods of mourning.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed, let the specialists at Memorial Funeral provide assistance to support you in these end-of-life matters.



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